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Squirrel Quickly Becoming England's Biggest Delicacy

05.29.2009 - Demand growing for squirrel pie

What started as an initiative to save the red squirrel from extinction, has turned into a lucrative culinary business for 45-year-old Paul Parker of Newcastle.

Two years ago, Mr. Parker started trapping and killing the gray squirrels because they were driving the native red squirrels to extinction. Not knowing what to do with the rodent carcasses, he started selling them in food markets. Now, demand is so high, they sell out minutes after hitting the counter.

And wouldn't you know it, the British hunger for gray squirrel is so high, they're now driving them to extinction.

"Two years ago I was catching up to 1,000 a month and slowly it has just dwindled down to a small handful a day," said Mr. Parker.

It won't be long before they start invading other countries and robbing them of their squirrel population. It's so typical of the British to take something that's thriving and utterly devastate it. Then they'll look the other way and point fingers, never once taking the time to say, "Our bad!" But we're getting ahead of ourselves here, why don't you just watch this video of a Brit preparing her squirrel dinner.

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