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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Drivetime Interview

05.29.2009 - YouTube

If we are so guilty then why don't all the black, white and hispanic Americans up and leave and give everything back to the red man? Hokahei.
I like his well-thought academic arguments and the fact that he doesn't really that the Englishman is mocking him.

Could we talk about the ONLY NATION that has dropped two ATOMIC BOMBS on a civilian population.

pommyland is a class bound society they'll never be egalitarian and free like Australia no matter how hard they try.

I have no sympathy for poms, eat shit and die.

So what this bloke blames us for Iraq because we made it an independant country. And yet America's voice across the world is that countries should be independant and free to form any constitution they want. Then he blames us for Global warming because of the industrial revolution, 1) if we hadnt began the industrial revolution another country would have, 2) Without it the world we live in today would't exist.

lmao when he proved it was the romans then he says it was europeans in general lmao steve you are a TWAT

3:37 Grasse is a Franch name That European.

French name with connections, later on, with Lincolnshire and Buckinghamshire

This is obviously a piss-take!
Of course "it" (parlimentary democary, judical law, the english language, ending the slave trade...oh and America)is all Britons fault - happy to take the credit. You're nost welcome.

He travels around and hears the world saying that America fucked up. At 1:00 he says 'If anyone knows anything about history...' Well he clearly doesn't. He is a businessman (a crap one too) not a historian.

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