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Brits Hate Being Sold Yogurt Spelled The American Way

05.28.2009 - Row erupts over yoghurt producers 'using American spelling'

In England, yogurt is traditionally spelled "yoghurt." That extra "h" is there to highlight just how much more sophisticated they are than us uncultured Americans.

British hubris has always been evident in their spelling tendencies. Just look at how they spell "color" with an extra "u" as "colour," or how they switch the "e" and "r" in "theater" and spell it much more dramatically as "theatre." And see how all their pompousness come together by spelling "maneuver," "manoeuvre."

Well, one British yogurt manufacturer is bucking the trend and has started labeling their product "yogurt" instead of "yoghurt." Brits are so livid, they can't even breathe. Several major newspapers are seriously questioning whether yogurt is becoming less cultured now that the spelling has switched to the American way.

These feelings of confusion and hatred you're experiencing, they're just over a little tiny "h." Imagine if someone shoved a rifle down your throat and forced you to change your whole culture, language, and beliefs. You know, just like you did to the Africans and Aborigines way back when.

Don't feel to good, does it? You know what would make you feel better? Paying reparations, of course! Do it, you'll forget all about this whole yogurt issue.

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