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Brits Arrested In Greece For Dressing Like Nuns And Mooning Locals

05.26.2009 - British men dressed as nuns stand trial in Crete

If you're walking around Crete and a man dressed as a nun exposes himself to you, it can only mean one thing: The Brits are in town!

Greek police apprehended seventeen British men (some as old as 65) dressed as naughty nuns for indecent exposure and offending religious symbols.

"They were dressed like nuns, carrying crosses, but wearing thongs under their skirts and showing people their bottoms and the rest," said one police official.

Summer isn't even here yet and already the Brits are drunkenly embarrassing themselves abroad. This had to be planned before they even flew to Crete. How else do seventeen men end up with nun outfits? That must have been quite the conference call.

Stay tuned for more of the inebriated misadventures of English tourists. This is going to be a wild summer!

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