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Cloud Resembling Great Britain Makes Front Page News

05.22.2009 - Cloud looks like Great Britain

Cloud Resembling Great Britain Makes Front Page News

The idea of a cloud resembling something else is nothing new. At one time or another, we've all looked up at the heavens and spotted one that looked like a defecating dog or a cheeseburger or what have you. We don't think much of them. We spot one, have a laugh, and proceed to forget about it.

Not so in England. Those simple-minded narcissists across the pond see a cloud that vaguely looks like their country, snap a picture of it, and put it on the front page of the newspaper. "Cloud Looks Like Great Britain," the headline reads.

"I had to have a double take when I saw it, I thought that looks amazing," said 16 year-old Jessica Wild, who took the picture. She's a "budding photographer" who takes her camera everywhere she goes.

"I have always loved taking pictures and when I finish school I am hoping to become a photographer," she added.

Great, now we can look forward to pictures like "Feces Looks Like Prince Charles" and "Sweat Stain Resembles Fish and Chips."

Good luck explaining to the Brits that it's just the random formation of floating ice crystals and not a sign from the Almighty that England is entitled to rule the world.

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