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Crazy Briton Drives Rolls-Royce Into Supermarket Over Mattress Dispute

05.21.2009 - Man drives Rolls-Royce into Tesco over missing mattress

If you're ever at a Tesco supermarket in England, watch out for angry men in Rolls-Royces driving through windows.

Robert Caton ordered a bed from Tesco Direct, not realizing that the mattress was not included with his purchase. When the bed was delivered, he was enraged that he'd have to buy the mattress separately, so he went to his local Tesco to complain. Obviously, his argument went nowhere as the Tesco site clearly states whether a mattress is included in a purchase or not.

Livid, he got in his Rolls-Royce and proceeded to drive through the store's window, sending shoppers diving for cover.

Mr. Caton's wife sees nothing wrong with his reaction: "I am standing by Robert - he had a genuine complaint with Tesco," she told The Telegraph. Police disagree, however, and are holding Mr. Caton on charges of drunk driving and attempted murder.

So it turns out Mr. Caton got what he wanted—a mattress. He's just going to have to share it with a larger companion (who's packing a much bigger libido).

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