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Mother With No Sense Of Humor Wants Optician Fired

05.15.2009 - SHOULDN'T have gone to Specsavers: Toddler blunders into furniture for a month after optician fits lenses wrongly

Mother With No Sense Of Humor Wants Optician Fired

A 19-year-old mother is furious at an optician after he fudged up her two-year-old's prescription. The optician, who works for a chain of stores called Specsavers, accidentally switched the lens for the long-sighted left eye with that of the normal-sighted right eye. Basically, the eye that needed correction didn't get any, and the eye that was fine got a prescription lens.

The moment young Rubie Williams tried on her glasses, she complained that she couldn't see. Yet the mother, Krystal, trusted the doctor's judgment and forced her daughter to wear her bifocals, which disoriented Rubie and caused her to trip on her own feet and bump into furniture constantly.

Now the mother, tired of seeing her daughter regularly hit herself on tables and chairs wants the blundering optician fired.

"When Rubie needed new glasses I went to Specsavers because I had seen their 'Should have gone to Specsavers' adverts and thought they were great. I now realise I shouldn't have gone to Specsavers and I believe the person who is responsible for this should be sacked," she said.

Well, Ms. Krystal, that's what you get for putting your daughter's health in the hands of a commercial. Perhaps you'd be better off concentrating on your own parenting skills rather than the skills of some eye doctor. Maybe next time, you do some research beyond the 30-second television spotóthis is your daughter's health we're talking about, not lunch. Or maybe next time you want to skip class to "get it on" underneath the bleachers of the high school football stadium, your mate wears protection. That's probably the better of the two options.

Lastly, a little bespectacled British girl tripping over herself and bumping into furniture is about the funniest thing we've heard in a while. Ha, ha, ha.

(Photo courtesy of Mail Online)

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