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Amy Winehouse Tries To Prove She's All Better Now, Fails Miserably

05.14.2009 - Amy Winehouse, St Lucia Jazz Festival, review

It was billed as her comeback performance. After months of relaxing on the beaches of St. Lucia, the controversial singer was set to prove to the world that she had battled off her demons.

Expectations were high. Tickets for the St. Lucia Jazz Festival ran for $50 each—a significant amount for the modest locals. Needless to say, everyone in the audience was eager to see the singer return to her glory.

To a rousing applause, Ms. Winehouse took the stage—and instantly bombed. She hesitated taking the microphone for an awkwardly long time, and instead danced around with her backup dancers. When she did finally break into song, her voice was weak and shaky.

She was extremely uncomfortable on stage, constantly taking her shoes off and putting them back on. According to the Telegraph article, she paced around the stage waving her arms wildly, sucking her thumb, and lifting her dress to reveal her underwear.

And then, not even an hour in, it ended. Halfway through the song, "Some Unholy War," she muttered, "I'm bored," and walked off stage. Her band and backup dancers didn't know if she was going to come back or not, and eventually left the stage as well.

All in all, it was your typical Amy Winehouse concert. You don't pay to see Amy Winehouse sing, you pay to see her have a pathetic nervous breakdown on stage.

Here's some video footage of the show.

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