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MPs' Scandalous Expenses Revealed

05.08.2009 - MPs' expenses: how Brown and his Cabinet exploit expenses system

The Daily Telegraph has released a damming report revealing how Gordon Brown and his 13 ministers abused the parliamentary expenses system to bankroll their lifestyles. The reports shows how Brown and company used taxpayer money for everything from Kit-Kat bars to house renovations.

The Telegraph released the report to show the public the full extent of the government's corruption under Gordon Brown.

It was revealed that Gordon Brown paid his brother Andrew 6,577 for "cleaning services." Asked to comment about the ridiculous expenses, Brown blamed the system: "The system doesn't work. I've said it doesn't work, it's got to be changed. We voted for change and that change has got to come quickly."

But if you change the system, Mr. Brown, how will your brother piggyback off your corruption? And who will pay for the lavish landscaping of that house you're flipping? And who, prey tell, will pay for the new toilet seats, or the plasma televisions for your seventh home? Surely the taxpayer is responsible for such menial expenses! After all, a man without a seventh home is unfit to run a country!

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