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Prince Charles Peddles Vanity Project On MySpace

05.06.2009 - Prince Charles goes on MySpace for the first time to save the rainforests

Prince Charles really loves rainforests. He loves them so much, he gathered up some A-list friends (Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Kermit the Frog) and made a little video to help save them.

Sure, it's a noble enough cause—we like rainforests as much as the next guy—but the problem with this video is that it's being premiered on MySpace. Remember MySpace? It's that social networking site people used before Facebook took over the world.

Apparently, the Prince—who still refers to radios as "the wireless"—is all over modern technology.

According to a Clarence House spokesman, "The Prince knows all about the popularity of social networking sites on the internet through his sons and their friends, and he sees an opportunity here to spread the message of the importance of tackling deforestation through the huge communities that exist online."

If a man makes a plea to save the rainforest, and there's no one there to hear him...

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