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Giant Nurse, Batman, Elvis, and Gnome Run London Marathon

05.05.2009 - The 50 Best Costumes At The 2009 London Marathon

Giant Nurse, Batman, Elvis, and Gnome Run London Marathon

The 2009 London Marathon was held a few weeks ago, which, randomly enough, is just an excuse for British men to dress like their favorite female characters. That's right, unlike in America where we actually train for our marathons and take them seriously, in England, men just prance around in their sister's old Halloween costumes for hours on end. It's more of a transvestite parade than a showcase of athleticism and endurance.

This year's mockery of a marathon featured a man dressed as Wonder Woman, a man dressed as Minnie Mouse, a man dressed as a Hawaiian hula girl, a man dressed as a cheerleader, a man dressed as Snow White...the list goes on and on. Buzzfeed collected the 50 best (read: saddest) costumes from the "marathon."

Proud of you, England!

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