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Cambodia Takes It Upon Itself To Collect Reparations

05.04.2009 - Eugenie cops are pelted with rocks

Cambodians may have jumped the gun collecting reparations. Apparently, our negotiations have been progressing much too slowly for them. Princess Eugenie, the Queen's granddaughter, and two of her friends were mugged last night while taking a stroll through a Cambodian beach. The group found themselves under attack after one of the girls pulled out her purse. Bodyguards jumped in to protect the 19-year-old princess and her friends, but faced a rock pelting as the thieves managed to get away with the purse. The girls were unharmed.

Ignoring the fact that they allowed the muggers to get so close to the princess in the first place, the bodyguards are receiving the praises of the royals for handling the situation in a safe manner.

While we don't approve of stealing—for that is the British way of collecting money—we do acknowledge that the Cambodians, unlike the Brits, spilled no blood in doing so. (They also didn't rape or pillage, so good for them.) Please do not continue to steal from the British, they're in enough financial trouble as it is. We can handle this reparations business in a much more civilized manner.

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