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Letter To The ICBR: Re: translations?


Dear Steven A. Grasse

You don't know what I felt when you saw one of your videos at youtube. I was just happy to see that I am not the only who sees the many crimes of England. I'm dealing a for quuite a while with this. I'm half a Spaniard, half a Swiss (that's the reason because I don't speak English very well!). And I know that Spain and Switzerland have also made a lot of mistakes in history... But why everyone talk only about the cruel Spanish conquerer when
we speak about colonies? Why is it almost a secret, what England did in China, in Argentina (falkland), in the USA, in South America, generally in Asia, in India, in the whole world? And why they blame other countries? Why is it always the fault of the USA, Spain or France? I'm really glad you have written this book, well, I have only seen now your website, but you can be sure that I will buy it and read it, and then I tell you what I think. But thank you only for having the idea. Do you also translate the book into
other languages? German or Spanish maybe?

Kind regards

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